Why I Am Doing Smaller, Shorter, Book Hauls

I'm trying something new and exciting (at least for me) - SMALLER, SHORTER, BOOK HAULS. 

I love watching book hauls. I used to love creating book hauls, but over time they became a tedious task that I generally avoided when I could. I adore talking to you about books I picked up and why I decided I wanted to own them, and read them. But, over time, book hauls became daunting and it seems as though I needed them to be HUGE HAULS in order for people to care about them - which defeated the main reason I liked to create them, and watch them, to find out about books in a way that was different from reviews


One of the main reasons I love to watch book hauls, and create them, has always been that I can find out why someone picked up a book without a full review of the novel - just a feel for it. 

So, going forward, barring any crazy complication, my book hauls will be shorter in length of time, and smaller in book count. This may be something you don't like. And if that is true, I am very sorry. I promise I will still show you all the books I buy, just in shorter, more frequent, videos.